About Us:


At BGM Toys we understand Legos can be expensive!


The owner, Ryan Malin, was a huge Lego fan growing up. He collected as many as he possibly could! 


Themed Legos (Star Wars, Ninjago, Chima, Super Heroes, etc...) have Mini-Figures in each set. Traditional Stores do not sell them separately. Typically the only way to get these figures is to purchase a whole set.


You will notice that mini-figures that are apart of themed sets are often re-occurring. If you were to purchase the entire line of Star Wars, you would end up with dozens of just one figure. We separate the mini-figures from the set. By doing this, we enable you to only purchase what you want or need.


Also, if you are not "into" mini-figures or you already have them, you can purchase the set (everything in the set, excluding the figures/accessories) for 30%-80% below retail!


Let's say you want a figure that only comes in a $200 set, we offer that figure for a fraction of the cost - saving you tons of money not having to purchase a large set just to complete your collection! And, even though we do specialize in the Lego impossible, we also aim to please... BGM Toys also has available Full sets, Retired Sets, Vintage Sets, and Duplo for our youngest lego lovers!


We can also special order rare or hard to find sets.