(10% Sibling Discount)

Full Week - $250/week

Half Day (Morning or Afternoon) - $150/week


Extended Free Play:



Camp Hours:

8am – 4pm

Half Day Hours:

Morning Session: 8-11:30am

Afternoon Session: 12:30-4pm



Summer Camps


June 22nd- June 26th

Lego Derby – Race Cars, Crash Test, Monster Trucks, and MORE!!


This week’s motto… The stronger you make it… the harder to break it… the longer it last… the more the BLAST!!


You will be fully consumed with everything wheels and racing. Care to build the fastest racing Lego Vehicle known to man?! Want to make a vehicle to withstand any crash test?! How far can you get your Lego Racer to jump? Can your racer jump and stay together? This is the week for you!! This week will have you racing back for MORE!!


July 6th – July 10th

Lego Launchers – Let’s Blow Things UP!!!


Who wants to DESTROY targets?!! How about blowing some stuff up?!!


This week is crammed full of target practice games where destruction is the middle name! Anyone love Nerf guns?! We heard they go hand in hand with Lego Launchers! Don’t believe us? Come on out and we will show you!!!!


July 20th – July 24th

Lego Star Wars – The Force is Strong this Week!


Boba Fett is on the hunt to find YOU!! When he brings you to us, we will use all the forces in the universe to make sure you have discovered a completely different Universe… the Lego Star Wars Universe! Darth Vader will try to hold you back, but with the help of Yoda overcome you will!!

Payment Information:

20% Due to Secure Space. Remaining due 30 days prior to camp start date.

Must be paid in full to participate in club.

Cancellations made 1 month prior to camp are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. Cancellations made 15-30 days before camp start date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

No refunds if cancelled within 15 days of camp start date.


All children must bring snacks & lunches. We will have lunch from 11:30-12:30pm and a snack around 3pm daily.

Pickup must be prompt or $1/minute fee will apply at pick up.